A little bit about Ron

Ron Holloway is a community advocate, creative writer, speaker, and the co-owner of Woofbowl. He has spoken to a variety of audiences ranging from small groups and large conferences to speaking on topics for the Obama Administration. Ron had incredible reviews on all of his books. His fifth and latest book is titled, Leadership: A Long Story Short, which is a humorous approach on embracing the fundamentals of leadership.

Growing up in inner-city Milwaukee and refusing to succumb to drugs and crime, Ron used basketball and academics to rise above. He became a nationally recognized high school basketball athlete. Despite early struggles, he was honorably discharged from the US Navy (after having trained 10,000+ personnel) and graduated summa cum laude from his alma mater where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a focus on Pre-Law. Ron also went on to earn an MBA.


Ron believes landmark achievements are seldom accomplished alone; they are spurred by motivation from mentors, peers, and family members. It is this philosophy that inspired Ron to be instrumental in changing lives and inspiring others to do the same.